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Board of Directors


Individual membership in the OPM SIG is open to any person with an interest in Process Manufacturing, with no dues for membership!

Join the OPM SIG here!

About the Geo/SIG

The Process Manufacturing SIG is open to all users of the Oracle Process Manufacturing  software.  This special interest group is composed entirely of volunteers, charges no membership dues and is constantly seeking new members.  Our application is a broad one and so we are divided into subcommittees to narrow our focus.  These subcommittees are mini-SIGs within our Process Manufacturing  SIG.  As you travel through our site, you will find many links to the Chair persons for these mini SIGs.  Please feel free to get involved with as many of these mini-SIGs as you like.

Charter & By-Laws.


The Process Manufacturing  SIG was formed in response to OAUGTM Objectives to promote the formation of special interest groups focused on Oracle Applications for the exchange and dissemination of information.

the Process Manufacturing  SIG will address topics relevant to the installation, configuration, implementation, maintenance, support and continued enhancement of OPM Applications. In so doing, the Process Manufacturing  SIG will work to improve processes, documentation, software and other items related to the above objectives through active participation in the Oracle OPM enhancement process, development of materials and programs and the exchange of information.


Section I - Name

    1. Name. The Process Manufacturing  SIG

Section 2 - Organization

Structure. the Process Manufacturing  SIG shall be made up of its members. the Process Manufacturing  SIG is a volunteer group having no membership dues or paid officers.

  • Members may include licensed users of OPM, prospective users evaluating OPM, consultants and vendors of products complementary to OPM and any OAUGTM member.   
  • Associate Members may participate as non-voting members of the Process Manufacturing  SIG. Associate  Members are welcome to participate in activities of the OPM SIG: They may attend meetings and subscribe to the List Server. The SIG realizes that the incentive for Associate Members is in the ability to network with users and make contacts, however the following restriction is imposed on    Associate Members: They may not use the List Server to broadcast Marketing messages, they can only ask functional or technical questions or post answers to the questions of others. Firms violating this rule will be permanently removed from the List Server.
  • Management of the Process Manufacturing SIG shall include the following:
  1. A Coordinator, who shall be responsible for coordinating activities of the Process Manufacturing SIG and shall serve as a key contact for OAUGTM.
  2. A Membership representative, who shall be responsible for promoting participation in the Process Manufacturing SIG. This position must be filled by a User Member.
  3. An Enhancement representative, who shall be responsible for soliciting enhancement requests from the SIG, for facilitating the incorporation of such requests into the OAUGTM enhancement process and for disseminating information from the OAUGTM Enhancement Committee to the Process Manufacturing SIG.

Selection of Management. Members wishing to volunteer for positions in the management of the Process Manufacturing  SIG shall declare their candidacy during the 1st quarter of the calendar year. Should more than one member volunteer for a position, a vote will be held during the SIG day meeting at the OAUGTM Spring Conference. All members present at the SIG day meeting will be eligible to vote. Should only one candidate exist for each management position as of the Spring SIG Day Meeting, the appointment will be made by acclimation.

Term of Management. Management positions shall be for one year beginning on April 1st and concluding on March 31st, except in the event of multiple candidates for a position, in which case the position term will begin following a vote of those members present on SIG day at the Spring Conference.

© The Process Manufacturing  SIG, 1998

The "OAUG" mark is licensed from Oracle Applications Users Group, the proprietor of the OAUG mark.

Privacy Policy

The OAUG respects the privacy of its members and other visitors to its Web site, and believes that visitors must be assured that information provided online is used responsibly and appropriately. The majority of data OAUG collects is used only to help OAUG better serve its members. It is our general policy to collect and store only company and contact information that our members and visitors knowingly provide. If our privacy policies change, we will notify all users by e-mail or a special announcement placed on the Web site.

The OAUG collects data to improve its Web content, to respond to visitors’ interests, needs, and preferences, and to develop new products and services for its members. The OAUG will not distribute or sell information to any third party with the intent of direct marketing or any purpose outside its stated mission of promoting networking and knowledge sharing among its members. Furthermore, the OAUG will endeavor to protect member organization information from recruiters, direct marketers or any other unsolicited contact outside of its stated mission.

OAUG Members vs. Non-members

To gain access to members-only resources and personalization features on the OAUG Web site, members and other users are issued a user name and password that they use each time they log in. If, at any time, an employee of a member organization feels his/her username and password have been compromised, the user shall inform the OAUG, who will reset it in a timely manner. Non-member visitors may browse the OAUG’s public areas anonymously.

Contact information (in databases and on other Web pages) on the OAUG Web site is provided to OAUG members for the sole and express purpose of improving their use of Oracle Applications and their ability to network with other members. Unauthorized copying or redistribution of information found anywhere on this Web site or use of company names for recruiting or direct marketing purposes is strictly prohibited and could result in suspension of OAUG membership.

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